Feb 6, 2019
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Posted by: Keith Nuttall


'ALLO ALLO' directed by Jennie Scott-Reid , to be performed on Friday 31st May, Saturday 1st June and Sunday 2nd June, at Clavering Village Hall

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The Wizard of Oz (Baum)



Aunt Em                          Barbara Hallett

Joe, a Farmhand               David Smithet

Uncle Henry                     Brian Carter

Dorothy                          Charlotte Tedman

A Munchkin Farmer           Trevor Osbourn

Mayor of the Munchkins     Gordon Cummings

Sorceress of the North      Tessa Dawson

Munchkin Barrister             Geoff Hallett

Munchkin Coroner             Ron Edney

Witch of the West            Libby Hitchcock

Scarecrow                       David Smithet

Tin Woodman                  Tim Middleton

Cowardly Lion                   Brian Carter

General                           John Bradley

A Private                         Ron Edney

A Lady of Oz                    Barbara Hallett

Lord Growlie                     Edward Oliver

Gloria, his daughter           Carol Willmott

The Wizard                      Tony Phillips

First Witch                       Jennifer Scott-Reid

Second Witch                  Rosie Kelly

Tibia                               Francis Conning

Ozmas                            Geoff Hallett


Farmhands, Munchkins, Jitterbugs, Ladies and Gentlemen of Oz:

Natalie Coltman, Dilys Gladdish, Helen Greenhow, Anna Greenland, Caroline Harper, Rosie Kelly, Joanna Knox, Caroline Pearce, Jennifer Scott-Reid, Charlotte Stephenson, Victoria Thompson, Carol Willmott, Francis Conning, Trevor Osbourn, and...

Voice of the Wizard         Ronald Truelove

Director                         Patricia Truelove

Musical Director               Richard Latham