Sep 27, 2018
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Oct to Dec 2018

10th October: The Importance of Being Earnest - (read through) 8-10pm Clavering Village Hall CANCELLED

3rd November: The Importance of Being Earnest - staged reading to audience 8-10pm Clavering Village Hall. Directed by Gordon Cummings CANCELLED

25th November: Auditions 5-6:30pm (read through) Clavering Village Hall

Allo Allo by Jeremy Lloyed and David Croft. Directed by Jennifer Scott-Reid

14th, 15th and 16th December: Aladdin Directed by Jennifer Scott-Reid

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Phillips)

When the Evil Queen is told by her magic mirror that her beautiful step-daughter Snow White is the fairest in the land, she plots to kill her. Will Snow White be saved from the Huntsman's axe? And is the Huntsman who he appears to be? Join Snow White, her nurse Nanny Hotchpotch and the Seven Dwarfs as they try to thwart the Queen at every turn.

Throw into this mixture Spic and Span - two hapless butlers - and you have a traditional family pantomime full of comedy, mayhem and songs; based on one of the best loved fairy stories of all!



Snow White                     Megan Kiely
Good Fairy                       Jean Schofield
Wicked Queen                  Charlotte Foster
Dame Dora                       Dean Kiely
Prince Florian                    Emma Foster
Queen B                          Jenny Whyte
Spic                                Kerri Leach
Span                               Sandra King
Fixer                               Hattie Cooke
Blushy                             Isobel Hartley
Cheery                             Elliot Wood
Hanky                             Lucy Coston
Grouchy                          Tommy Downham
Drowsy                           Maya Joseph
Shorty                            Jamey Bensen
Mirror                             Judy Curry
Courtier Evie                    Evie Wood
Courtier Bronwen              Bronwen Kiely
Courtier Brianna                Brianna Hills-Wright


Tabatha Joseph, William Downham, Amelia Hartley, Petra Joseph, Olivia Rowlands, Sophie Hartley, Edith Kiely, Tanya Boyaniwsky


Production Team:

Director/Producer             Jennifer Scott-Reid
Stage Managers                Ken Kemp and Teresa Hennessy
Poster Design                   Douglas Crumpler
Choreography                   Kerri Leach and Megan Kiely
Lighting                           Lesley Talbot
Sound                             Jennifer Scott-Reid
Props                              Janet Hosford
Costumes                         Sandra King and Jennifer Cummings
Front of House/                Clavering Players’ Members
Bar/Refreshments              and Supporters