Feb 6, 2019
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'ALLO ALLO' directed by Jennie Scott-Reid , to be performed on Friday 31st May, Saturday 1st June and Sunday 2nd June, at Clavering Village Hall

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Our Country’s Good (Wertenbaker)

Our Country's Good is the story of convicts and Royal Marines sent to Australia in the late 1780s as part of the first penal colony there. It follows Second Lieutenant Ralph Clark's attempts to put on a production of George Farquhar's restoration comedy The Recruiting Officer with a cast of male and female convicts. The play shows the class system in the convict camp and discusses themes such as sexuality, punishment, the Georgian judicial system, and the idea that that it is possible for ‘theatre to be a humanising force'.


The Military

Captain Arthur Phillip                             -    Trevor Osbourn

(Govenor-in-Chief of New South Wales)

Major Robbie Ross RM                           -    James Bentley

Captain David Collins RM                        -    Kennie Dowle

(Advocate General)

Captain Watkin Tench RM                      -    Richard Westbrook

Captian Jemmy Campbell RM                  -    Tony Phillips

Reverend Johnson                                -    David Smithet

Lieutenant Will Dawes RM                      -    Ian Miller

Second Lieutenant Ralph Clark               -    Keith Nuttall

Midshipman Harry Brewer RN                  -    David Smithet

(Provost Marshall)

A native Australian                                -    Felix Harris


The Convicts

John Arscott                                        -   Ian Miller

Black Caesar                                        -    Felix Harris

Ketch Freeman                                    -    James Bentley

Robert Sideway                                   -    Kennie Dowle

John Wisehammer                               -    Richard Westbrook

Mary Brenham                                     -    Nettie Hayes

Dabby Bryant                                      -    Lisa Bentley

Liz Morden                                          -    Sue Clatworthy

Duckling Smith                                    -    Charlotte Foster

Meg Long                                           -    Jennifer Scott-Reid


Produced by Peter Simmons