Sep 27, 2018
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Oct to Dec 2018

10th October: The Importance of Being Earnest - (read through) 8-10pm Clavering Village Hall CANCELLED

3rd November: The Importance of Being Earnest - staged reading to audience 8-10pm Clavering Village Hall. Directed by Gordon Cummings CANCELLED

25th November: Auditions 5-6:30pm (read through) Clavering Village Hall

Allo Allo by Jeremy Lloyed and David Croft. Directed by Jennifer Scott-Reid

14th, 15th and 16th December: Aladdin Directed by Jennifer Scott-Reid

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La Ronde (Schnitzler)

This is an 1897 play, initially circulated among friends. It was performed publicly after two decades, arousing strong reactions. Schnitzler, was personally attacked as a Jewish pornographer and the episode came to be known as the "Reigen Scandal".

The play scrutinizes the sexual morals and class ideology of its day, through a series of encounters between pairs of characters shown before, and after, the act of sex. By choosing characters across all levels of society, the play is also a social comment on how sexual contact overcomes boundaries of class.

Both the German 'Reigen' and the French 'Ronde' mean 'round dance'; like the English nursery rhyme 'Ring a Ring o' Roses'. Other European languages also have versions ending in 'all fall down'. This is taken to relate to one of the controversial themes of the play - the transmission of syphilis across different layers of society.

The play takes place in Vienna in the 1890's and consists of ten love scenes between pairs of people. There are ten characters, each playing in two adjacent scenes (counting the last as adjacent to the first). The play starts with 'The Whore and The Soldier', followed by 'The Soldier and The Parlour Maid', and so on in this fashion until making full circle with 'The Whore' back in the first scene.