Feb 6, 2019
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Posted by: Keith Nuttall


'ALLO ALLO' directed by Jennie Scott-Reid , to be performed on Friday 31st May, Saturday 1st June and Sunday 2nd June, at Clavering Village Hall

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House (Ayckbourn)

'House and Garden' were written as two interlocking plays with the same cast, played in two different theatres at the same time. What Alan Ayckbourn does, is to display different aspects of the same characters by placing them in two distinct settings. It is a great technical feat to precisely time the speeches and exits and entrances so that the whole operation runs smoothly. Sadly, that was not something we could achieve in the Clavering Village Hall. However, although 'Garden' is filled  with lots of frolicking, 'House' is the superior of the two plays. There are a number of story-lines, with a variety of pairs and pairings – Ayckbourn managing to keep the focus just tight enough to avoid complete confusion.

The story takes place during a day in August and centres around a garden fete being held in the country home of Teddy and Trish Platt. Ayckbourn’s theme is love; how easy it is to fail one’s partner, and how difficult it can be to express love directly, without games of evasion and manipulation. I believe it is about exclusion from relationships, targeting a group of diverse people unsuccessfully weaving their way around an allegorical Maypole.



Trish        Judy Curry

Teddy      Mark Anstead

Sally         Lara Anstead

Jake         Charles Harris

Izzie         Melissa Jones

Giles         Peter Clyne

Pearl         Natascha Scott-Reid

Gavin        Keith Phillips

Joanna      Clare Anstead

Lucille        Rosie Ward

Fran          Rikky Beck

Lindy         Emma James

Amelia       Amelia James-Phillips

Eva           Eva James-Phillips

Liberty       Liberty Anstead

Warn         Ken Kemp


Director      Jennifer Scott-Reid