Feb 6, 2019
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Posted by: Keith Nuttall


'ALLO ALLO' directed by Jennie Scott-Reid , to be performed on Friday 31st May, Saturday 1st June and Sunday 2nd June, at Clavering Village Hall

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Dick Whittington and his Cat

King Rat is threatening to take over London. Only the penniless but brave Dick Whittington and his trusty feline sidekick, Neville, can stop the rodent's quest for domination! Aided by the magic of 'Fairy Liquid', Dick's adventure takes him from Clavering, via the East End of London, to distant tropical shores before the final showdown wit the villainous King Rat! Along the way, he attempts to win the hand of the lovely Alice, daughter of the bumbling Doris Fitzwarren and foil the plot of the mysterious, Captain Bluebeard.

Will our hero triumph over these adversities, become Lord Mayor and live happily ever after?


Fairy Liquid                   Jean Schofield

King Rat                       Neil Bird

Nip                              Sue Grant

Tuck                            Teresa Hennessy

Dame Doris Fitzwarren     Dean Kiely

Alice                             Evie Wood

Jackie                           Emma Foster

Dick Whittington            Megan Kiely

Neville, the Cat               Hattie Cooke

Captain Bluebeard           Charlotte Foster

Town Crier and Gorilla     Tommy Downham

Pirates                          Lucy Coston, Tommy Downham, Elliot Wood, William Downham

Rats and Chorus             Maya, Tabatha and Petra Joseph; Isabel, Sophie and Amelia Hartley, Edith Kiely, Lucy                                              Coston, Elliot Wood, William Downham, Tommy Downham


Production Team

Director                      Jennifer Scott-Reid

Stage Managers            Clare Anstead and Ken Kemp

Assistant Stage Manager Keith Nuttall

Sound                        Mark Anstead and Nicholas Turner

Lighting                      Lesley Talbot

Rigging                      Simon Bates and Lesley Talbot

Props                         Jennifer Scott-Reid and Teresa Hennessy

Costumes                   Jennifer Scott-Reid

Poster Design              Douglas Crumpler

Front of House/Refreshments   Members and Supporters