Feb 6, 2019
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'ALLO ALLO' directed by Jennie Scott-Reid , to be performed on Friday 31st May, Saturday 1st June and Sunday 2nd June, at Clavering Village Hall

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Death of a Salesman (Miller)

Death of a salesman exposes the realities of the  American dream. The original title was The Inside of His Head as the play’s eye  revolves from inside Willy’s head, sweeping endlessly in all directions and its  action is the unravelling of the dreams that Willy Loman, had for himself and  his sons.

Assailed by voices from the past and exhausted by years of false  cheer on the road, Willy is breaking down. He is in that terrible moment when  the voices from the past are just as loud as the voices in the present. Linda  his devoted and loyal wife, struggles to hold the family together. As Biff and  Willy wrestle each other for their existence the haunting voice of Willy’s  brother, Ben echoes from the past.


The Cast.

Willy Loman – Peter Simmons

Linda (His wife) – Sharon Willmott

Biff (Their older son) – Mark Anstead

Happy (Their Younger son) – Charles Harris

Ben (Willy’s brother) – Richard Westbrook

Charley (Willy’s friend) – Ian Miller

Bernard (Charley’s son) – Chris Fryer

Howard (Willy’s employer) – David Smithet

The Woman (Willy’s former lover) – Charlotte Foster

Miss Forsythe – Siobhan Brunwin

Letta – Kerri Millership

Stanley (A waiter) – Ashley Edwards

Second Waiter – Jamie Benson

Jenny (Charley’s secretary) – Jennifer Scott-Reid

Director - Melissa Jones


A preview by Eleanor Scotchbrook

'Turning Back the Clock'

Clavering players are celebrating more then 60 years of  continuous productions by performing a major play which was written soon after  they were formed.               The amateur dramatic group – one of the longest running in  the Observer patch – presents Death of a Salesman at Clavering Village Hall  from tonight until Saturday.               The award-winning play is American playwright Arthur  Miller’s most famous work, penned in 1948 – three years after the players’  forerunner, The Cheerio’s, formed to help raise money for servicemen returning  from the war. As wartime deprivation began to ease in the 1950s, The Cheerio’s  went through a change of purpose and identity, eventually reforming as The  Clavering Players in 1959.               Since then the groups has performed on average two  productions a year and has noticed up almost a 100 plays, from musicals and  pantomimes to dramas and comedies.

Death of a Salesman – about aging salesman Willy Loman, who  is facing a mid-life crisis – is its 97th offering, Ken Kemp, one of  the groups founding members, said: ‘We are expecting a lot of interest in Death  of a Salesman this year. Tickets are selling well and we’re please to have plenty  of involvement from young actors who help inject comtempory relevance into this  classic play.’